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Can we meet you before we book?

We would love this and we also prefer at your venue or in your own home surroundings. We will arrange that I to come and see you at your home, parents house, cafe, venue or anywhere else suitable. I’ll bring along some sample albums, preview books, signing board, DVD slideshows for you to look through and talk through your big wedding day and any ideas you have. Of course this may not be always possible for long distance weddings however we can arrange a Skype chat to discuss your plans in more detail. There will be absolutely no hard sell.

Why do you use two cameras?

I always work with two full frame  Nikon camera bodies for a few of reasons. Firstly, I don’t want to miss anything; I use different lenses mounted to each camera, normally a 24-70mm 2.8 plus a 70-200mm 2.8 so I am able to cover different angles or ranges to get the best shots and create a better story of your wedding day without wasting crucial minutes changing lenses. Secondly having two cameras also means I always have a back up. We also have another in the boot of the car just in case. Currently use a combination of the Nikon D3s Nikon D750's with 24-70, 70-200, 16-35

How long before we can see the photos?

I aim to have all edited and retouched images available for viewing in the client area of the website ASAP after the wedding day. We will also put a ‘ SET ‘ on our BLOG & Facebook Fan page also. You can expect up to 1000 (or more) final images for you to proof preview. If you have ordered an album, you can then select an agreed number of these for use in your storybook. A full pdf proof of the book will then be available for your approval prior to printing. All the chosen images will then be worked on in Photoshop

How much is the deposit?

£200 secures your date with us, as we only shoot one wedding in a day you are guaranteed nobody else will book your date with us. The final balance of whatever package you have decided on will be due anytime up to 4 weeks to the wedding date. No package has to be decided on at the time of booking

What will you be wearing?

For weddings I usually wear a black shirt with our logo on the front and back and black trousers. This enables me to look like the photographer and not one of the guests but is subtle and smart enough to remain discrete where needed. 

What if it rains?

Some people dread the thought of a rainy wedding but there really isn’t a reason to worry. You’ll still have great day getting married to the man or woman of your dreams and you’ll still have a great selection of photos at the end of it. There are many great opportunities for photos in most venues.

Do you have insurance?

We have full public liability & indemnity insurance with Aaduki

Who owns the copyright / image rights?

By law the photographer retains the copyright of every image they capture. However a link to online gallery containing all final images is included in the package for instant download and options for print purchase etc. The images are yours to print for personal use, email, send to your friends etc. In fact any activity that is not commercial (i.e. selling an image for advertising, stock sites etc.).

We don’t like having our picture taken. How do you deal with this?

First of all don’t worry! You would be surprised at how many people ask this question. This is one of the reasons why I offer a complimentary pre-wedding shoot in some of our packages. This lets us get to know each other better, adds trust and means that when the day comes you know how I work and can almost pretend I’m not there! You will probably be having far too much fun to worry though.

Do you require a meal at the reception?

I am more than happy to bring my own food and take a short break when you sit down for the reception meal. However it is a long day and as I spend the full day with you many couples offer to provide a meal. This is always appreciated but by no means compulsory.

Do you ‘ Photoshop ‘ images

As we give you more choice by providing up to 1000 preview images, we run all the raw files through adobe lightroom, sharpen, luminance, colour correct, white balance, etc etc to convert to high resolution JPEGS before we upload to our password protected previews gallery HERE

All the selected images if you choose one of our gorgeous storybook Albums will then be re opened via the raw files and various photoshop techniques done

I.E airbrushing, skin smoothing, various filters, black & white etc etc

If you have any more questions and ideas about your wedding photography please get in touch with us for a chat HERE

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