Meet Kev

Hi, I'm Kev!

I am a full time Award Winning Wedding Photographer ( English Wedding Awards 14th November 2016 ) based in the heart of Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Shooting Creative, Fun & Upbeat weddings plus photobooths, christenings, events, parties etc 

I started shooting weddings in 2006 after second shooting for a local advertising company in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, they also had a passion for shooting weddings and a small studio facility in house.

I got the ‘ photography ‘ bug in 2002 after going to a friends house where he showed me a small 2 megapixel point & shoot camera, I was amazed to see the image soon after it had been taken! ( this was rather new then remember we still had film )

Everything you see on our web site, blog & facebook page image wise is what we do. There are absolutely no images from training days or model shoots, all the people you see are real couples that have booked us to be part of their special wedding day!

Over the years we have developed our ‘ own unique style ‘ of wedding photography, at each and every single wedding we have so much fun and love every minute, we also get some great reviews

Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom play a big part in the post processing of digital photography and I am self taught with both, to relax I can sit and ‘ play ‘ with RAW images all day, tweaking the settings, adding various actions and learning the wonders of photoshop & the beauty of working with layers

Being a wedding photographer in my opinion is –

You must know the difference between good & bad light ( that’s a main one )

You must also be assertive as you should know what ‘ POSE ‘ & COMPOSITION looks good rather than just firing away all day like a maniac and hoping you come away with a few good images?

Being able to interact & laugh with everybody around you getting them to relax in your presence so you get even better shots.

You must know your cameras inside out, know how to use each & every setting and when it is best applied IE exposure compensation ( there’s a favourite )

Last year we had Jonathan & Jenna come on board as second shooters and they are now rocking fab weddings in their own right, they have proved to be a massive success and more of our clients would like a second photographer to capture moments IE groom getting ready, assisting in our crazy photobooth, helping with lighting IE lowel ID video light, off camera flash etc 


Likes -

Chocolate (who doesn't), music (from classical to trance), Adam & the Ants (if your a fan please join our facebook group here), mountain biking, family time, photoshop, rowntrees randoms, iPhone SE, blackberry, vw golf, audi, apple IMac, weddings (obviously), Loxley Colour, chess, cinema, 80’s, smiley people, cheesy chips & bulmers, baileys on ice, taboo & lemonade, to do lists, top gear, storage hunters on dave hd, xmas, holidays in rhodes, technology, wentbridge house, sunny days, autumn days, strong cups of tea & digestives, positivity, dark chocolate ( any kind of chocolate ), lie ins, individuality, fun people, london  after our visit in june 2015) , mirfield, yorkshire, nutella, clean alloys, post it notes, you tube, gadgets, james bond films, tennis in greenhead park huddersfield etc

Dislikes –

Sprouts, being cold, driving in the ice & snow, negativity, misspelling, queues,