Meet Jordan

Hi i'm Jordan

I've always had an interest in videography but only recently started taking it more seriously when I got my first proper video camera that shoots in broadcast quality.

Before I used to just film handheld mediocre clips with my phone, usually when someone was about to do something funny or at concerts.
I've looked back on some of these camera phone videos over the years and really treasured the sentimental value they have. It's the same when it comes to wedding videos, they're priceless since all you have to look back on that day is snapshots and recordings. This is also the same reason why I strive to capture the day as best I can!

Due to having a popular YouTube channel I've already got experience with a professional video editing program. I'm so thankful for this otherwise I would have recorded a bunch of stuff and wouldn't have a clue how to properly put it together.

In college I took A level media studies and therefore have knowledge on what camera angles signify and tend to use this to my advantage when trying to create a particular mood when it comes to the editing process. If there's one thing I've learned so far, when everything comes together it creates a mood, simply just listening to a certain genre of music can change your perspective on how you view the world and other people's moods.

My job on the wedding day is literally just to capture the day as best I can within the best of my ability without disrupting the natural flow of the day.


We have now got our very own channel on VIMEO - Click HERE to view some recent work